English at Once has hit the ground running!

“It’s kif, bruh: Oxford English Dictionary says howzit to Mzansi.” That’s the title to the article Grade 9s explored this week when the first Senior Phase worksheet arrived in teachers’ inboxes on Wednesday. A look at new South Africanisms that have been included in the Oxford English Dictionary would have sparked lots of discussion and a  cartoon, featuring a new word, ‘bosasa’, would have brought current affairs right into the classroom. Rounding it all off was a wonderful poem by Emily Dickinson on words.

During the previous week, the first FET worksheet featured texts about last year’s matric pass rate. There was probably some lively debate about the different views of two editorials on the topic; and a cartoon about all the “most important” happenings from 2018 would have brought in some laughs.

And, ending off the busy two weeks, our Grade 7 subscribers received a full worksheet that would have kept their classes busy with a crossword, two texts about building and crafting, a poem and a cartoon. I am sure their general knowledge would have grown in leaps and bounds as they read about a model of the Titanic and an intrepid sand sculptor who supports his family through his creativity.

Of course, the cherry on the top has meant that comprehension and grammatical skills have been sharpened while engaging with what is happening out there in the world.

If you want to subscribe to these awesome worksheets, contact us through any of the forms on www.englishatonce.com. Keep your classes up to date with English at Once.