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The lockdown period has been a busy one for the ONCE team and we are excited to be launching a brand-new set of worksheets! Our Word Nerd worksheets are designed to help students focus on building vocabulary and on polishing grammar skills. What’s more, in true ONCE style, they are based on current and relevant issues.

All students in high school would benefit from the worksheets and teachers could use them for both Home Language and First Additional Language classes. An additional perk is that they are highly affordable – for only R150 a term, you will receive a worksheet every two weeks during term time in your inbox. There are only two terms left this year, so that’s R300 for the two terms.

To see what a Word Nerd worksheet is all about and to download a sample worksheet, have a look at our worksheets page.

In the meantime, so many teachers have had to adapt to online teaching and our regular FET (Grades 10–12), SP (Grades 8–9) and Grade 7 worksheets have been ideally suited for this. Most of the worksheets also focused on the issues we were confronting during the lockdown period.

Many teachers who subscribe to our ONCE worksheets have expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for the worksheets they received during this time:

“These worksheets have featured in many of our Google classroom learner activities. I don’t know how you do it, but please don’t stop.” (Uitsig High School)

“I love your comprehensions! I wanted to thank you for all the amazing work you do. You are really helping me get my students Paper 1 ready and you are improving their knowledge of current affairs. I have instituted ‘Comprehension Fridays’ across all our grades and we use your comprehensions. I always become excited when I check my inbox and there is something from you.” (Curro Krugersdorp High School)

“Thank you for supplying us with these fantastic resources. At a time like this when we feel stretched to breaking point, they have been real lifesavers.” (Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg)

“Thank you for the relevant, varied and immensely interesting worksheets over the term. They have been extremely useful in drawing up work during online classes.” (Amity International School)

“I find your worksheets utterly invaluable and truly appreciate the work you are doing” (Willow Academy)
“We appreciate you so very much” (Treverton College)

“Thank you for your continued efforts. Your worksheets are amazing and a great support for our teaching.” (Hudson Park High School)

If you want to know more about our worksheets, send us a message in the form below or simply email us at info@englishatonce.com.