What a shock it might be to start school so early this year!

You might feel a little on the back foot having just finished New Year festivities and cleaned up your house after having had all those relatives and friends staying in the holidays. You might be wondering just what shape your first English lesson will take and how you can get students engaged and interested from the word go.

English at Once is on hand to lighten your load and help you to begin your year with something challenging, exciting and most importantly, relevant. Our first worksheet for the FET phase (Grades 10 to 12) will be out on Wednesday next week – 16 January. We can’t tell you yet what the topic will be as our worksheets are so current, they get written when the news breaks!

Make sure you are on the list of subscribers to receive our worksheets this year. At only R170 a term per phase or at a discounted cost of R270 for both the FET and SP phases, you can have our topical worksheets delivered weekly to your inboxes for all grades – from Grade 7 to Matric.

And if you missed the boat last year, the good news is that you can buy packs of the 2019 worksheets for a once-off fee of R450 for 20 worksheets.

Simply send us an email at info@englishatonce.com if you would like any more information. In the meantime, we wish you much enjoyment as you get those teaching boots on for 2019!